Boyd CAT visits BSCTC’s Electrical Program

Prestonsburg, KY: Boyd CAT, a renowned leader in the industry, paid a visit to engage with our Big Sandy Community and Technical College electrical students at the Pikeville Campus and discuss the myriad of career prospects they have to offer.

Our Electrical Program students, equipped with a comprehensive skill set, are ideally positioned to explore various avenues within Boyd CAT, including substantial opportunities in large and small diesel electrical generator installations and electrical transfer switch operations/installations. The power generator division of Boyd CAT provides a seamless connection with all their other divisions and customers from the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors.

One of the benefits of being a BSCTC student is the access to numerous recruiting events throughout the year. These events offer our students a valuable chance to secure promising and sustainable employment options upon graduation.

BSCTC is committed to achieving educational excellence and providing our students with the resources and connections they need to launch fulfilling careers in the electrical industry. Boyd CAT’s visit is just one example of the many opportunities that await our students as they embark on their journey toward success.

“Electricity is not just a force of nature; it’s a force for progress and innovation. In my years of teaching, I’ve witnessed the spark of curiosity in my students’ eyes ignite a lifelong passion for electrical engineering,” stated Joe Compton, Professor/Program Coordinator of Electrical, Broadband, Energy, and Engineering Electronics Technology.